AI technology enters the security industry and gives it…

As we all know, security refers to preparation and protection in order to cope with attacks or avoid victimization, so that the objects to be protected are in a safe state without danger, infringement or accident. For example, the public security can use the city traffic data to find out the monit ......Reading more

The car opened for a long time and the chassis became l…

"Loose chassis" is a derogatory term in various car reviews and is often used to describe a car's chassis is not good. What is loose, I believe that most people are obliged to listen. This word is already relatively general, whether it is a new car or old car, can use this word, but ......Reading more

Volkswagen recalls some imported Touareg vehicles

Recently, Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., Ltd. has filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ, and will recall some of the imports produced from December 21, 2014 to November 12, 2017 starting April 30, 2018. -2018 Touareg series cars. According to statistics of the company, a total of 33,142 vehicles were ......Reading more

Basic tasks of mine ventilation system

(1) Supply enough fresh air in the well to meet the needs of personnel for oxygen. (2) Draining toxic and harmful gases and dusts downhole to ensure safe production. (3) Adjust the underground climate and create a good working environment. The mine ventilation system consists of two parts: a vent ......Reading more

[Meter's Latest Patent] A Single Photosensitive Wat…

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today, we introduced a national invention-granting patent - a single-photosensitive water meter sensor. The patent was filed by Jinan Information Technology Co., Ltd. and it was authorized on December 29, 2017. C ......Reading more

Comprehensive Analysis of Development Trend and Directi…

The traditional car park management system only solves the problem of entrance and exit control. It does not have the functions of parking guidance, car search, and quick entry and exit within the parking lot. It also has a single payment method, low manual management efficiency, and the existence ......Reading more

Magnetic properties of ferromagnetic minerals

Strong magnetic minerals have common characteristics, because the magnetic iron ore is the main object of magnetic separation, therefore, we can come to understand the characteristics of strong magnetic magnetic minerals magnetite by magnetic research. So what are the magnetic characteristics of str ......Reading more