#0000 Finest Steel Wool Making Machine

Model NO.: SP-GMJ13
Customized: Customized
Advantage: Use Widely,Easy Structure,Ease Operation
Condition: New
Voltage: 220V,380V
Capacity: 2000kg/8hours
Cutting Station: 4
Knife Holder: 60 Groups
Wire Wheel Diameter: 500mm
Raw Materials: Sgm3mm
Wire Winding: 36 Circles
Inataller Power: 132.5kw
Total Weight: 16000kg
The Most Point: 2160
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet, Wooden Case
Specification: CE, ISO
Origin: China

steel wool making machine good price good quality
-long service life
-Operate easier
Your preferable partner for Steel/Metal wool making line . You will find The machines are Excellent and can make You satisfied.

The machines we can make as following :
Host steel wool making machine ;
Steel wool collection device
Steel wool Re-processing equipments
Dust removing system
Steel wool pulverizer
Steel wool big roll making devices
Ripple steel fiber making machine
Steel wool soap pads making machine
Steel wool strip/small roll making machine  , etc .

steel wool making machine : finished products are mainly used to daily cleaning, Industrial rust, decontamination and Polishing etc.

chopped steel wool machine(steel wool cutting machine): finished products: Chopped fiber(powder steel wool) is mainly used to friction-materials like Brake Pads;

Besides,The two production line will all produce Residual steel wire,called Fiber steel,which is used in reinforced concrete.

production capacity
cutting station 4
knife holders 60 groups
the wire wheel diameter 500mm
raw materials SGM3mm
wire winding 36 circles
installer power 132.5kw
total weight 16000kg
the most point 2160



1). dust removing system.
2). cooling system.  both in knife holder and wire pulley.
3). knife holder.  we have exlusive patent of knife holder in China. different with others.

The sprayer can basically be divided into the following parts:

Gun, tip, Motor & Drive System, pump assembly, filter, Pressure Control, auxiliary spray accessories.



• Acts as the on/off valve for the material Spray Tip

• Controls the amount of fluid sprayed by using different orifice sizes

• Orifice shape determines the spray pattern.

• Many Graco tips can be turned to the reverse position by hand to blow out clogs

Motor & Drive System

• A heavy duty system that drives the pump


• Also called the Fluid Section

• Delivers a steady stream of high pressure fluid through the hose to the Spray Gun filter,

• Prevent large particles from entering and avoid clogging the spray gun

Pressure Control

• Used to regulate the fluid pressure delivered from the pump

Accessories Of Airless Paint Sprayer

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