PVC PPR PE Plastic Tubing Pipe Cutting Machine

Engagement System: Full Intermeshing
Screw Channel Structure: Deep Screw
Exhaust: Exhaust
Automation: Automatic
Computerized: Computerized
Trademark: NEO-ENTAL
Transport Package: Film Inside and Wood Pallets out
Origin: China
HS Code: 84772090
Product Discription:
The planet-cutting machine combines with the manufacturer's actual situation,applicable to PVC, PE, PP and other pipe cutting.The machine adopts alloy saw blade,use scrap recovery system,economic and environmental protection.Cutting chamfer can once finished.Adopt the MITSUBISHI PLC control, the operation is convenient, durable.

Technical Parameter:
Name DS160 DS250 DS315 DS400 DS630
Cutting diameter(mm) 50-160 75-250 110-315 160-400 400-630
Specification of Saw Wed(mm) 130*3*27 150*3*27 180*3*30 180*3*30 250*3*40
Specification of Milling(mm) 80*40*27 100*40*27 120*50*30 120*50*30 180*50*30
Cutting Wall Thickness(mm) 20 30 40 50 60



1. Warranty time: One year guaranteed for quality, product whole life service any damage except the wrong operation during warranty. Period is repaired freely, But the travel and hotel expenses should be count on buyer.
2. Commissioning services: The product's installation and commissioning at the demand side, our engineers will not leave there until get your agreement.
3. Traning Services: Our engineers will train your staff in your factory or video to operate it during the period of installation and commissioning, and they will not leave there until your staff can operate it properly and normally.
4. Manintenance Services: Any malfunction happened, Once you inquiry us, We will reply you within 24 hours.
5. The File: The manual specification, report of the material which used to the equipment and other documents video related to GMP authentication information will be provided by us.

(1) we have experiences in this field for 15 years.
(2) we have our production bases in China, which shows our machine's production power .
(3) we have strond technical teams and cooperate with China scientific institution to develop, improve and test our machine 
(4) we have perfect service system: Our boss is devoting himself to after-sale service 
We will provide the Feasibility Analysis Report for the plastic machine project. 
We will provide the model design for the plastic machine plant and electric power accounting for the facilities. 
We will provide the model selection and technical parameter for our plastic machine. 
We will provide plastic formular according to the product requirements. 
We will provide technique training for operator. 
We will provide solution for the practical problem during the production. 
We will install and test the plastic machineand teach customer's workers how to operate in customers' factory. 

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