Low Price High Voltage Digital Partial Discharge Tester

Model NO.: HZJF-124
Test Voltmeter Accuracy: Better Than±5%(with Full Scale)
Trademark: United
Specification: ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001
Origin: Hubei, China
HS Code: 9031499090
I. Product Information:
Low Price High Voltage Digital Partial Discharge Tester

Product Description:
HZJF-124 digital partial discharge detector is the newly development digital LCD partial discharge detector for solving the problem of low brightness and short service life of the traditional local discharge detector. It is wildly used in measurement of partial discharge of various HV electrical products such as transformer, mutual inductor, HV switch, switch cabinet, zinc oxide surge arrester, power cable etc.

Product  Features:
1.After digital processing,the partial discharge signal is displayed by liquid crystal.
2.Easy operation
3.With multiple display mode like ellipse,line,or sinusoidal.
4.Adopt digital windowing technique to avoid influence of interference to measurement.
5.Arbitrary phase windowing,with selection of single window and double window,ellipse rotating 150 degree.
6.The current discharge map can be stored,static observation and analysis to partial discharge pulse.
7.Can store the current discharge map.

Main Technical Parameters:
1,Capacitance Range of tested products 6PF--250μF
2,Detection sensitivity(See table 1)
                                                                       Table 1
Input unit No. Tuning capacity Unit Sensitivity(Micro-coulomb)
(unsymmetric al circuit)
1 6-25-100 mmf 0.02
2 25-100-400 mmf 0.04
3 100-400-1500 mmf 0.06
4 400-1500-6000 mmf 0.1
5 1500-6000-25000 mmf 0.2
6 0.006-0.025-0.1 uF 0.3
7 0.025-0.1-0.4 uF 0.5
8 0.1-0.4-1.5 uF 1
9 0.4-1.5-6.0 uF 1.5
10 1.5-6.0-25 uF 2.5
11 6.0-25-60 uF 5
12 25-60-250 uF 10
7R Resistance   0.5
3,Amplifier Band:
Low side:10KHZ,20KHZ,40KHZ
High side:80KHZ,200KHZ,300KHZ
4.Amplifier gain adjustment:Coarse tuning 6 gears,The gain 20±1 db;fine-adjustment range≥20db.
5.Time window:
Window width:adjustable range15°~150°;
Window location:each window can rotate 0°~170°;
The two time window can be opened separately or simultaneously.
6.Discharge Capacity Table:
Digital watch:Display with 3½LED digital table
0-100.0error<±5%(With full scale)
7.Elliptical Time Base:
Frequency 50HZ,100HZ,150HZ,200HZ,400HZ.
Elliptic rotating:30°is one gear,can rotate 150° 
Display mode:Ellipse-line-sine
8.Test voltmeter:
Range:100KV(can be extended)
Display:3½digital voltmeter instructions
Accuracy:better than±5%(with full scale)
9. It has the function of zero mark, which is helpful for the identification of partial discharge.
11.Weight:about 16kg.

III. Company Information:
Wuhan Hezhong Electrical Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd founded in 2002, reorganized by electrical test equipment factory of former Wuhan high voltage research institute, is a high quality equipment supplier of China State Grid. After years of continuous innovation has become as a professional production and sale electric power testing, test equipment of high-tech enterprise integrates the ability to scientific research, development, production and sales, service, with kinds of patents, its core technology is in the same industry leading lever, and cooperates with the research institutes of Tsinghua University, Peking University and Chiao Tung University. Our sales and service are all over the country and exported to America and Europe, southeast Asia markets such as USA, Singapore and other overseas markets.

1.Electrical Technology, Security Experts: with 15-years experience in manufacture of Surge(lighting) Arrest(3Kv-36Kv gap, gap-less), Intelligent Contact Withstand Voltage Test Device, DC High Voltage Generator, Ultra-low Frequency Voltage Generator, Cable Fault Tester, Automatic Loop Resistance Tester, Intelligent Large Current Generator, Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester, DC Resistance Tester, Transformer Turns Ratio Tester, Insulation Oil Withstand Voltage Tester, High Voltage Switch Mechanical Characteristics Tester, Transformer Dielectric Loss Tester, Standard Voltage Divider, Intelligent Touch Insulated Boots (Gloves) Withstand Voltage Testing Device, Partial Discharge Test System, Transformer Comprehensive Test Table and other power test, test equipments.

2.Stable and reliable quality: manufacturing process is strictly complied with ISO 9001.

3.Payment terms: TT, L/C

4.High-efficiency production: samples delivery time is within 7 days, mass production leading time is 20-30 days, it also depends on your order quantity.

5.OEM service, can provide a complete set of solution for customer's different test requirements.

Low Price High Voltage Digital Partial Discharge Tester


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