Talking about the Discussion and Practice of Numerical Control Teaching

1. During the implementation of the project, students can better understand and master the knowledge and skills required by the course according to their individual abilities and needs, and increase the learning and training of a variety of practical skills, so that the training of students' operational skills is more Broad, bigger and bigger, improve the independent production capacity of students, and experience the hardship and fun of practice. This can better cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve problems and teamwork spirit, effectively improve the overall quality of students, and lay the necessary foundation for students' career development in their future careers. The project teaching method has played a good role in cultivating the needs of graduates to adapt to employers in the numerical control professional internship. This also greatly increases the employment opportunities of students.

Second, the implementation of the project teaching method in the numerical control professional training requires the main requirements of the professional training and implementation of the project teaching method: 1 students have a comprehensive grasp of the professional theoretical knowledge of intermediate CNC lathes and intermediate CNC milling workers. Operational skills; 2 Improve students' enthusiasm for learning, and develop students' internship interests and teamwork skills. Through the study of students should be able to: under the guidance of the teacher, independently complete the collection of relevant application knowledge of various purposes, and apply to the project; familiar with the structure of commonly used equipment for mechanical processing and master the operational skills of the equipment; master fitter, CNC lathe , CNC milling (machining center) basic skills knowledge and basic operational skills; skilled in all relevant calculations, will consult relevant technical manuals and national standards; can master the use of mechanical professional software; can correctly formulate the processing technology and assembly of various parts of the machine Process; observe labor discipline in practice, abide by safe operating procedures; pass the skill appraisal of intermediate workers in CNC professional related work.

Third, the implementation of the project teaching method in the numerical control professional training teaching steps 1 project determination: announced the project to be completed within the specified time. 2 Develop a plan: Determine the work steps and sequence according to the objectives and tasks of the project. 3 Implementation plan: After the division of labor within the student group and the form of cooperation of the team members, work will be carried out according to the determined work plan and sequence. 4 Results display: After the completion of the project plan, the results will be displayed. 5 Evaluation summary: According to each student's participation in the activity, the role played, cooperation ability and results. Through the discussion of teachers and students, we find problems in the work, find out how students solve problems and analyze students' learning behavior characteristics.

IV. Implementation plan of project teaching method in numerical control professional training The project teaching project plays a decisive role in the implementation of project teaching method. A complete teaching task and teaching activity, in addition to conforming to the content of the major and conforming to the teaching rules, the teaching process must be combined with new technologies, new techniques and new methods to adapt to the development needs of the market. It can combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills to a certain extent, and is linked to the actual production process or actual business operations of the enterprise. As mentioned above, in the project teaching, the project is given to the students with the problems to be solved or the tasks to be completed. Under the guidance of the teachers, the students conduct information collection, project decision-making, project implementation, results display, evaluation and summary, and Use the knowledge and skills of new learning to overcome and deal with the difficulties and problems that arise, and solve practical problems that have never been encountered before.

The following is a typical production example ??? manipulator model processing as an example to introduce the implementation plan of the project teaching method in the numerical control professional training. 1 In the middle and late part of the first semester of the first year, students are arranged. After grouping, the team members will remain basically unchanged in the future training. Each training session will be divided into several small projects to complete the training. The mapping of the assembly, while studying and learning related professional knowledge. The purpose is to cultivate students' parts mapping ability and medium complex part pattern, drawing ability and drawing ability of simple assembly drawing through the assembly of the actual object ??? manipulator assembly, master the basic methods and steps of mapping, and consolidate the tolerance Cooperate with other knowledge. And the production of simple parts in the robot assembly, the basic operation skills of the fitter, general machining and CNC machining. 2 In the second semester of the first year of the first year, learn the CAD\CAM software related to CNC professional, such as AUTOCAD, UG, etc., and continue to make robot parts. One month before the end of the semester, a professional teacher leads the team to an internship in a school-enterprise cooperative enterprise. 3 Continue to learn the CAD\CAM software related to CNC professional in the first semester of the second year. In the early stage of the semester, students are required to use the AUTOCAD drawing software to copy the hand-painted parts and assembly drawings obtained from their own mapping into the computer, and print out some of the drawings. The purpose is to improve the students' basic skills of AUTOCAD drawing by copying the robotic drawings of their own mapping, and to improve the students' knowledge of drawing and drawing, and to learn and train the electrical related knowledge. Continue to machine the assembly parts of the robot, and master the operation skills of the fitter, general machining and CNC machining. In the middle and late period, a professional teacher led a team to the company for an internship. 4 In the middle of the second semester of the second year, students are required to use the mechanical professional software UG and MASTERCAM for the three-dimensional modeling and numerical control programming of the drawings drawn by AUTOCAD in the previous semester. The purpose is to achieve a mastery of the geometric modeling of parts using professional software through the three-dimensional modeling exercises of the robot assembly. Machining and assembling the manipulator assembly parts using various existing processing equipment in the school. Finally, it is installed on the workbench for debugging, completes the learning task of the whole robot model processing project, and completes the research and identification of the relevant grade certificate. One month before the end of the semester, I will go to the company for an internship. 5 In the third year, according to the relevant documents, the students will be internship and graduate employment.

The project pedagogy, like all other pedagogy, is not a single, isolated, but part of the teaching process. Secondary vocational schools have the greatest goal of learning vocational knowledge and improving vocational skills, thereby increasing the competitiveness of employment. Therefore, for the NC professional training in secondary vocational schools, it is necessary to apply the project teaching method to the whole training process, and to internships with companies that have a cooperative relationship with the school, combined with the specific conditions of the production front line, the students’ The combination of theoretical knowledge and practical ability, meticulous organization, and corresponding guidance according to the students' learning conditions, make students have a strong sense of participation and accomplishment, change the way of learning in the past, and improve the interest of students.

The project teaching method will certainly achieve good educational and social benefits in the teaching reform of numerical control majors in secondary vocational schools.


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