The latest dump truck introduction

Dump trucks are vehicles that can automatically load and unload cargoes. They are used in construction projects, factories, and coal mining industries. With the help of dump trucks, it is easier and more convenient for people to transport goods, and it can also save the relevant staff. Work intensity, improve work efficiency. Due to the increased demand for dump trucks, many vehicle manufacturers will carry out R&D for dump trucks and introduce new dump trucks to attract consumers. The following Xiaobian saved everyone a new dump truck.

The latest dump truck recommendation - Sany Environmental Intelligent Dump Truck


Sany Environmental Smart Dump Truck is a special vehicle developed and produced by Sany Heavy Industry, a well-known domestic enterprise. The biggest difference between this Dump Truck and general vehicles is that it increases the selling point of “environmental protection” and “intelligent”, and is more in line with contemporary dump trucks. The use of the demand.

This eco-friendly intelligent dump truck is optimized for the weight of the vehicle and made of lightweight steel plate. It is not only light weight, high abrasion resistance, and high strength, but also can provide good protection when effectively reducing the weight of the vehicle. The effect; there is a promotion in the power combination, only the latest and most appropriate power system to match, the structure of the vehicle is further optimized, the fuel consumption in the transportation process will be lower.

It is worth mentioning that the smart function of the car, when Sanyin joined the Internet structure, big data, etc., to make the dump truck more intelligent, improve the operating experience and level, in the process of dump truck work anomalies can be timely Alarm reminders occurred; vehicles could not be closed in place, leaks, and other problems could be discovered in a timely manner, effectively improving the problem of dumping and walking in the past.

The environmentally-friendly design greatly reduces the emissions of carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, and hydrocarbons generated during the driving of this environmentally friendly intelligent dump truck , helping to reduce the emission of urban exhaust gas and improving the air quality in cities.

There are many new dump trucks. If you are interested in dump trucks, you can pay more attention to the introduction of this site.

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