Hear these voices must stop checking immediately!

Introduction: Many accidents actually have some harbingers before they happen. For example, if the car body makes some strange noises, you need to stop and check immediately. Do not neglect and cause disasters.

Hear these voices must stop checking immediately!

Downhill softly on the brakes, trunk sounds When the car is driving downhill, the driver gently steps on the brakes. If a squeaking noise is heard from the trunk of the vehicle, it indicates that the rear tire of the vehicle has its screws. Loose. Requires driver's friend to stop immediately for inspection.

There are many reasons for hanging abnormal sound caused by abnormal sound, but it is also difficult to judge. Therefore, the owner should have a little ability to discern. If it is a "creaking" sound, in most cases it is the sound of a shock-absorbing spring; if there is a "hissing" or "squeaky" sound near the wheel if it passes over the hurdle, it is likely that the shock absorber or the suspension part is malfunctioning. This time we must promptly go to the shop overhaul.

Suddenly high idling suddenly high idle speed, the car is running normally on the road, the parking suddenly hits the neutral gear and suddenly the engine idles 2700. This kind of problem is mainly caused by the idle speed motor stuck/circuit failure. If the idle speed is too high for a long time, it will cause the engine to open.

There are abnormal sounds in the body. In general, there are many reasons for the abnormal sound of the body. There may be material rigidity of the body itself. After a long time of use, some deformation occurs, causing abnormal noise when rubbing with other components. Only need to stick the rubber on the friction part can basically ease. Another problem is that long-term driving causes some components to loosen. At this time, you must find out the loose parts and fix them.

There was noise in the gearbox when the car was idling. The noise disappeared when the clutch was depressed, indicating that the source of the noise was a transmission failure. Abnormal noise in the gearbox is generally caused by wear of bearings or gears. When the car is fueling heavily during driving, noise from the chassis can be heard. The gears make a "bang" noise, bearing failure will then send a "rustle" sound, and in severe cases it will become a "clicking" sound or "squeaking" sound. Transmission maintenance costs are high, so be sure to check frequently and change oil frequently.

If there is abnormal sound in the brake, if there is a slight problem, then the problem will be more. The calipers, brake discs and brake pads may all have problems. The bad caliper reset will make the disc and the film rubbing noise for a long time. Then there is the check of whether the brake disc has a groove, because local friction can cause abnormal noise. If you make a noise during braking, it is mostly because the brake pads are too hard.

The crisp percussion car is driven open and suddenly has a regular “click” sound, usually caused by excessive valve wear or excessive wear of the timing chain, and it does not matter. This kind of sound will continue to travel after 1000 km. There is not much problem, open to the auto repair factory for a pair of OK

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