In 2017, Beijing and other six provinces have confirmed their rights to contract.

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said at the National Agricultural Work Conference on December 19 that in order to speed up the work of registering land and confirming the right to register the land, the choice of Beijing will be selected next year. The provinces promoted the pilot of the province, expanded the number of pilot provinces to 28, and promoted the basic completion of the conditions, ensuring the completion of the country by the end of 2018.

In 2017, Beijing and other six provinces have confirmed their rights to contract.
Han Changfu emphasized that next year's agricultural work should promote structural adjustment, promote green development, promote innovation drive, promote rural reform, and stabilize food production, that is, "four advances and one stability."
Han Changfu said that next year's agricultural restructuring must have new breakthroughs and a new situation. First, we must continue to reduce corn. Next year, we will continue to reduce the amount of corn in the non-dominant production areas such as “sickle bend” by 10 million mu, and reduce the total amount to reach 40 million mu. Second, we must vigorously stabilize pigs and raise dairy industry, and insist on “planting well. Grass, raising cattle, producing good milk, grasping scale and standardization, building a milk source base, seizing the top 20 leaders of China's dairy industry, cultivating domestic brands, and revitalizing the national dairy industry; third, promoting fishery reduction and income increase and resources Maintaining and optimizing the regional layout, resolutely reducing the scale of aquaculture with high input and high pollution; Fourth, we must build a large and strong advantage industry, support the construction of a number of geographical indication products and origin protection bases, and create a group of distinctive and safe The brand of agricultural products; Fifth, we must accelerate the innovation of rural entrepreneurship, support the development of new modes of new industries and new industries such as agricultural products storage and transportation processing marketing, leisure agriculture, rural tourism and agricultural e-commerce, and accelerate the development of “Internet +” modern agriculture.
In terms of green development of agriculture, there are already many places to act, but there are still many shortcomings. Han Changfu said that the focus will be on five things next year. First, it is necessary to implement the zero-growth action of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Second, we must comprehensively promote the utilization of agricultural waste resources. Third, we must effectively tackle the problem of outstanding agricultural resources and environment. Vigorously promote agricultural standardization production, continue to carry out national agricultural product quality and safety county creation activities, and then determine 200 counties (cities) to carry out pilot projects; Fifth, we must accelerate the establishment of a green ecological-oriented agricultural subsidy mechanism, and we must do a good job of integrating existing subsidy policies. Perfect, timely adjust some policies that do not conform to the green ecological orientation. Next year, the county will be the mainstay, and the whole province will carry out creation activities in the whole place where conditions permit, and promote the green development of agriculture.
Han Changfu said that the focus of promoting innovation is the innovation and promotion of agricultural science and technology. First, promote the reform of grassroots agricultural technology extension system, support various agricultural socialization service entities to carry out agricultural technology services, promote the coordinated development of public welfare institutions and operational organizations, organize research and development institutions to participate in pilot projects of major agricultural technology promotion, and establish agricultural science and education. The combination of science and technology service platform integrating production, education and research; the second is to promote the construction of national agricultural science and technology achievements transformation platform, further promote the reform of the rights and interests of seed industry scientific research achievements, implement the incentives for the sharing of scientific research personnel's rights and interests, share part-time and other incentives; the third is to promote the construction of scientific and technological innovation alliances. Encourage enterprises and other market entities to invest in alliance building, explore and establish a long-term operational mechanism for alliance diversified support and market-oriented operation, support provincial academies of agricultural science and technology to integrate resources of scientific research resources in the region, and promote the key to the transformation of local agricultural science institutes. Technology Promotion.
With regard to the deepening reform of the rural areas, since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the central government has successively issued a series of important documents, and approved the reform pilot projects for farmers' contracted land, house sites, rural collective construction land and collective assets. Han Changfu said that the next step is to do a good job in implementing the reform measures that have already been introduced, and on the other hand, to increase the intensity of the difficulties and continue to deepen the rural reform.
First, the implementation of the "three powers split" opinion, the focus next year is to implement the spirit of the document, explore a variety of forms of realization, truly let the farmers' contracting rights stabilize, the management rights live, let the sleeping rural land assets wake up. It is necessary to speed up the registration and certification of contracted land rights. Next year, we will choose six provinces including Beijing to promote pilot projects in the province, expand the pilot provinces to 28, and promote the basic completion of conditions, ensuring the basic completion of the country by the end of 2018;
Second, we must promote the reform of the rural collective property rights system. Next year, we must expand the pilot reform of the collective rights of rural collective assets, and promote the reform of the cooperative system of collective assets of rural collective assets in a stable and orderly manner, and strive to confirm the membership of collective economic organizations. Experience in quantification and asset management. It is necessary to comprehensively carry out the work of clearing production and capital, find out the bottom of the family, establish a ledger, and accelerate the construction of the collective asset supervision and management platform;
Third, we must speed up the cultivation of new subjects, develop moderate scale operations, diversify and cultivate new agricultural management entities and new-type professional farmers, implement modern youth farmer training programs and new agricultural business leaders to take the lead training program, and carry out demonstration training for rural practical talent leaders. Training 1 million people throughout the year;
Fourth, we must deepen the reform of the system of agricultural land reclamation, accelerate the promotion of land rights certification, and ensure that the task of issuing certificates is basically completed in about three years;
Fifth, we must vigorously promote agricultural foreign cooperation, initiate the implementation of agricultural foreign cooperation planning, focus on the “Belt and Road” and neighboring countries and regions, support agricultural enterprises to carry out transnational operations, and promote agriculture to go global.
In stabilizing food production work, Han Changfu emphasized that promoting structural reforms in the supply side of agriculture does not mean relaxing food production and must not weaken the comprehensive production capacity of grain. "Next year, grain will not seek to increase production, but it is necessary to prevent a large landslide. This is the bottom line. Especially in the main producing provinces, major producing cities and counties, we must stabilize food production."
Han Changfu further stated that to stabilize food production, first, we must start the construction of grain production functional zones and important agricultural product protection zones; second, continue to increase the construction of high-standard farmland for droughts and floods, and promote the integration of farmland construction; third, implement the responsibility system for food security governors. To protect and mobilize local enthusiasm for agriculture.

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