Pure electric road sweeper, petite size!

Traditional road sweepers are mainly used for municipal environmental protection. They are used to sweep away fine dust and debris. This product can bring cleanliness to the streets, but it is often costly and has limited functions. In response to this situation, a simpler road sweeper with a more powerful function has been designed and manufactured through technical research and development and accounting costs. This type of equipment is slightly inadequate on municipal cleaning, but some construction residues can be effectively cleaned without manual manual removal.

The powerful functions of the road sweeper are as follows: 1. Clean the road surface, cement laitance on the deck, mud agglomerates, floating dust and other debris; 2. Carry out the surface treatment of each adhesive layer of the road surface; 3. Brushing and milling Machine-milled road surface; cement laitance, soil agglomerates, floating dust and other debris can be recycled into the ash hopper, which is conducive to the cleaning and recycling of bridge decks, tunnels, and municipal roads; 4. Cleaning of the water stable layer after construction, Complete removal of debris will facilitate the construction of the next process.


Recently, the Administrative Committee of the Xidong New Town Business District issued a document on the official WeChat “Xidong New City” that “Xidong New City has a 'new nanny'”. This "nanny" has "yellow skin, black vest, but also "big basket"." It turned out that the "new nanny" is actually a pure electric mechanized road sweeper. In accordance with the requirements of the Urban Management Bureau of the business district to improve sanitation operations and improve the quality of sanitation operations this year, Wuxi is pursuing a new electric motorized road sweeper, which is also the first in Xishan District. Pure electric mechanized road sweeper .

What is special about the pure electric mechanized road sweeper? According to the introduction of Xidong New Town Xiaobian, compared with the traditional fuel sweeper, the sweeping effect has not only been improved, but also the pure electric sweeper can save about 10,000 yuan per month in fuel costs. The staff concerned said: “This car has the advantages of low noise and high environmental protection, which has changed the status of traditional sanitation vehicles while cleaning the city and causing secondary pollution. It has no pollution due to energy conservation and emission reduction.”

In addition, this sweeping vehicle can work for 5-8 hours continuously. Not only can the stone, leaves, and sand be easily handled, but even the mineral water bottle can be directly solved. Rubbish will be directly swept into the 240 litre standard trash can. It does not use the staff to dump the trash, you can directly change the barrel. According to calculations, such a sweeping vehicle can basically replace 13 individual workers, which also solves the problem of recruitment difficulties and greatly reduces labor costs. At present, this electric road sweeper has been formally put on the road, after which it will gradually update and eliminate old road sweepers, and comprehensively upgrade the city road cleaning operations in Xidong New City.

Injection Molding Machine For Socket Plug

MYTAO constantly absorbs the advanced technology and product technology of domestic and foreign counterparts, combines with the company's own practice, has repeatedly discussed and improved the product technology with customers, and gradually improved the accuracy, stability and reliability of the product!

Technical focus of plug socket injection molding:

1. Clamping force: In the injection molding process of aviation plug and socket, high injection pressure is generally required, otherwise it is difficult to mold.

2. Measurement accuracy: In order to maintain high stability of plastic products, the hot melt plastic injected into the mold cavity must be equal each time.

3. Injection speed: Injection speed is an important indicator of precision injection molding machine.

4. Injection pressure: The injection of aviation plugs and sockets requires a higher injection pressure to improve the compactness of the plastic parts, reduce shrinkage and deformation, and ensure the accuracy of the parts.

5. Holding pressure: Holding pressure has a great influence on precision plastic parts.

6. Mold temperature: The temperature change on the surface of the mold cavity should be controlled within ±1°C.

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