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China Drying News reported on the 31st in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Putian, Fujian Province, "LED interior lighting with low cost and high efficiency improved MCOB packaging materials and technology integration" appraisal meeting, the expert group of the appraisal committee unanimously believe that the technology has a complete independent knowledge Property rights, and have achieved large-scale industrialization, product technical indicators have reached the international advanced level.

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Since 2009, Fujian Institute of Material Structure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has cooperated with Fujian Wanbang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly carry out the research and development of MCOB packaging materials and structural industrialization manufacturing technology. Now, the light efficiency of its developed lighting products has reached the international advanced level. Level, and the price is only 30% of the market's similar products. In 2012, this technology has been used to achieve an annual output of 1.5 million LED bulbs and 1 million LED fluorescent strips.

The expert group believes that this result forms a complete independent intellectual property right from the packaging material to the package structure, which mainly includes four major innovation technologies:

First, designed and developed a multi-functional high-reflectivity optical ceramic film aluminum substrate, as the MCOB package substrate material, to solve the commonly existing silver film yellowing problem, breaking the insulation and thermal conductivity barrier, and improving the substrate reflectivity and light source luminous efficiency. The package structure is simplified, and the total cost of the lamp is reduced by more than a quarter. The application of the substrate MCOB packaging technology to achieve the LED bulb light the whole lighting efficiency 153.37Lm / W, color rendering index of 82.8, LED fluorescent light bar lighting effect of 154.72Lm / W, color rendering index of 70.2.

Second, the first use of cast composite laminate molding process developed alumina composite ceramic substrate, to achieve a combination of high diffuse reflectivity and high thermal conductivity, high electrical breakdown resistance, high reliability and other advantages, effectively improving the efficiency of the light source The quality of light and light solves the problem of low reflection and low thermal conductivity of common alumina ceramic substrates. The application of the composite ceramic substrate MCOB packaging technology to achieve the overall efficiency of LED bulb light 149.97Lm / W, color rendering index of 82.5, LED fluorescent light bar lighting effect of 141.2Lm / W, color rendering index of 69.8.

Thirdly, a new generation of fluorescent material, garnet-type transparent ceramics, with adjustable wavelength, no surface defects, high quantum efficiency, low light attenuation, and a transmissivity close to the theoretical value, was prepared through innovative processes and crystal field modulation techniques. The phosphor, using the new transparent ceramic phosphor for MCOB packaging, significantly improves the reliability of the light source and light efficiency, simplifies the packaging structure, reduces the cost, and solves the problems of aging drift and light decay caused by the aging of the conventional fluorescent powder and packaging glue. problem. At the same time, a double-sided light emitting package structure was proposed and used for the first time, and the light source efficacy of a multi-chip package structure of 261 Lm/W was achieved under low current driving.

Fourth, the use of improved MCOB technology integration (including the above three kinds of substrate packaging technology and chip post-processing technology, power supply technology, ceramic heat sink fin technology, high thermal conductivity primer technology, etc.) to form low-cost, high efficiency LED light source packaging and lighting technology , LED product costs fell by more than a quarter, efficiency increased by 50%, leading international performance indicators.

The expert group believes that the promotion of this technological achievement has provided scientific and technological support for cultivating and developing LED lighting industry. It has important science for breaking the monopoly of foreign technologies and products, breaking foreign trade and technical barriers, and improving the core competitiveness of LED industry products. significance.

Finally, the expert group suggested that the promotion of the application of technology, especially the application of transparent fluorescent ceramics technology, be further accelerated, and the industrial scale be expanded to improve the core competitiveness of China's LED lighting industry.

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