Medical Waste Transfer Vehicle Specifications

                                    Medical Waste Transfer Vehicle Specifications


      The medical waste transfer vehicle is also known as the medical waste transporter , medical waste transporter , medical garbage collection vehicle , and medical garbage transfer vehicle . In 2003, China's SARS outbreak and spread rapidly across the country, all medical institutions to become the first battlefield against SARS. SARS can be spread through droplets, the infection is very strong. At the same time, a large number of patients, resulting in a large number of medical waste, for this may carry infectious germs very high medical waste, transport and process must be rigorous protection, to prevent the spread of germs.

   It is in this case, based on the response to SARS demand, an urgent need to regulate medical waste transport vehicles to ensure transport safety, when the State Environmental Protection Administration issued an emergency to develop "medical waste transfer vehicle technical requirements" standard task, after preparation group preparation tense, in May 2003, the former State environmental Protection Administration jointly AQSIQ and the national Development and Reform Commission issued the GB 19217-2003 "medical waste transfer vehicle technical requirements (for trial Implementation)." the standard specific to medical waste transport vehicles performance requirements were clearly defined, put forward compartment seal, bottom barrier properties, as well as the compartment surface corrosion and other environmental technical requirements. after the promulgation of standards, which immediately became the country medical waste transfer vehicles in the fight against SARS tender The basis of purchase .

    Medical waste transfer vehicle characteristics: The characteristics of the design of medical waste, the use of airtight transport, the back door is double sealed structure, and the labyrinth seal, so that the compartment is completely closed, in order to achieve the effect of preventing the diffusion of toxic medical waste compartment bacteria in vivo. Wall panels are made of stainless steel , which can be sterilized by corrosive disinfection . Around the bottom of the cabin and round the corners , it is advisable to clean the corners for disinfection . The body of the vehicle has a UV disinfection function. When the UV lamp works normally, it radiates a large amount of ultraviolet rays of 253.7 nm , which is extremely powerful against microorganisms and kills bacteria within 30-45 minutes . Products with a closed, impermeable, dust and other performance; with antibacterial, flame retardant, corrosion-resistant, and easy cleaning and disinfection function.

    Sterilization method for medical waste transfer vehicles : Antivirus (optional) at low temperature , ultraviolet disinfection , and drug spray antivirus .

   Remarks: The external material of the car body is glass steel , the inside is stainless steel , with sprayer and germicidal lamp . The entire vehicle can be equipped with " Huatai " refrigeration units, with a minimum temperature of -5 degrees Celsius.

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