How to ensure the sensitivity of the turbine flowmeter sensor

In order to ensure that the display instrument has sufficient sensitivity to the pulse signal output by the turbine sensor, the signal to noise ratio must be improved. In order to give full play to the characteristics of the turbine flowmeter, full attention must be paid to the installation and use of the flowmeter. To this end, various electrical interference phenomena, namely electromagnetic induction, electrostatic and capacitive coupling, should be prevented during installation.

1 The uneven distribution of flow velocity and the presence of secondary flow in the tube are important factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the turbine flowmeter. Therefore, turbine flowmeters have certain requirements for upstream and downstream straight sections. For industrial measurements, the upstream 20D and downstream 5D straight lengths are generally required.

Turbine flowmeters have a high degree of fluid cleanliness. Filters must be installed before the flowmeter to ensure fluid cleanliness. The filter can be funnel-typed, and its cleanness can be measured by measuring the differential pressure changes at both ends.

3 To ensure that the liquid passing through the flowmeter is single-phase, that is, air or steam cannot be allowed to enter the flowmeter, an air eliminator should be installed upstream of the flowmeter when necessary. For easily vaporized liquids, a certain back pressure must be guaranteed downstream of the flowmeter. The back pressure may be twice the pressure drop of the flow sensor at the maximum flow rate plus 1.2 times the measured liquid vapor pressure at the highest temperature. To eliminate the secondary flow, it is best to install a rectifier on the upstream side. If the upstream side can guarantee a straight pipe section of about 20D, and install a rectifier, the measurement accuracy of the flowmeter can reach the accuracy level of the calibration.

In addition, turbine flowmeters can use real-flow calibration for high-viscosity hydraulic fluids, oils, and small bore sizes.

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