Careful considerations for local hubs that are most easily scraped

When it comes to the maintenance of cars, many owners think of engines and tires. The small wheels let us completely ignore them, but we must know whether the quality of the wheels is related to the quality of car tires, which is related to the safety of our lives. , so say a small wheel is also need our maintenance, then if because of our improper maintenance of the hub has been damaged, how can we fix it. Here's to introduce everyone.

The daily maintenance of the wheel:

1. When the hub temperature is high, it should be allowed to cool naturally and then cleaned. Do not use cold water to clean; otherwise, the aluminum alloy hub will be damaged, and even the brake disc will be deformed to affect the braking effect. In addition, cleaning the aluminum Taiwan gold hub with a detergent at a high temperature will cause a chemical reaction on the surface of the hub, which will lose its luster and affect the appearance.

2. When the hub is stained with hard-to-remove asphalt, if the general cleaning agent does not help, use a brush to try to clear, but do not use a hard brush, especially iron brush, so as not to damage the hub surface. Experts have introduced a recipe for removing tar: The use of medicinal “active oils” for rubbing can provide unexpected results. The owners may wish to give it a try.

Slight scratches can be repaired on their own:

The first step: clean the hub. We can use paint dilutions to wipe around the wounds and remove the dirt. It is very difficult to remove dirt from the deepest part of the scratch. At this time, it can be completely cleaned with a toothpick. When cleaning, it is best to carefully apply adhesive tape around the scratches in order to prevent accidental painting of unrelated parts.

The second step: the owner puts up the brush nib and applies a finishing lacquer to the place where the hub is damaged. After the paint is dry, it is painted slightly to make it easier for the owner to observe.

Step 3: After the car is fully dry, the car paint is applied with soapy water to make the surface smooth. Then use the mixture to wipe out the light, and then wax it again.

Step 4: If the owner finds that there is a deep scar on the hub, be sure to observe whether the metal surface is exposed. If the metal surface cannot be seen, it will not rust. You can concentrate on applying the finish paint. Use a pen tip to point it up little by little and wait for the paint to dry completely. If you find exposed metal, it is best to replace it.

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