Dongfeng Light Truck Assistant Urban Logistics Development

In recent years, with the development of urban and rural construction in China, the concept of urbanization has been paid attention to by various car companies. In order to solve the problem of the last kilometer of urban logistics, many car companies launched the corresponding logistics models. As part of the company’s future development blueprint, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will develop urban logistics vehicles as one of its 2015 priorities. To this end, the reporter interviewed He Weiping, Sales Director of Dongfeng Light Commercial Vehicle Marketing Co., Ltd.


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“In 2015, the entire light truck market will show a 13% to 14% decline. This is our forecast for the current young card market trend.” He Weiping said.

Although He Weiping predicted that the young card market in 2015 will continue to be sluggish, he is optimistic about the development of the company itself.

"In 2015, Dongfeng Light Trucks will show substantial growth. Its confidence not only derives from the improvement of commodity power, including the readjustment of the system, the repositioning of the market, but also from the confidence in the growth of the logistics market in the past two years. He Weiping told the "Commercial Automotive News" reporter: "Last one kilometre or urban and rural logistics is good. Through our analysis of related data, in 2015, if we calculate in full aperture, only the growth of the third-party logistics market will increase year-on-year." With 23%~24%, the total logistics output will increase by 33%~34%, and with the rapid development of the logistics market, the demand for light trucks will also increase by about 15%. We believe that Dongfeng Light Trucks can This is an opportunity to achieve greater market breakthroughs."

In the interview, He Weiping also stated that with the development of China's logistics industry, the market has been gradually subdivided, and the last kilometer has become more and more focused and more and more professional.

“In the future, urban logistics will be developed in a centralized and professional manner. This market feature is different from traditional logistics retail transportation and requires more and more professional operation of vehicles.” He Weiping said: “The sources of retail transportation are not fixed, and the standard is difficult to unify. At the same time, the requirements for vehicles are also low, and generally only the larger the better the container, the wider the width the better, and the stronger the carrying capacity, but with the development of the industry, let professional vehicles drive in professional fields or routes. Will become the trend of the future development of the logistics industry."

Adapt to market development

Focusing on the centralized and professional development of the logistics segmentation market, Dongfeng Light Trucks has introduced corresponding models based on market characteristics to meet the development needs of the future logistics market.

“In response to the demand for vehicles in the future logistics market, Dongfeng Light Trucks will launch impact vehicles to respond. First, in the field of professional logistics, we have launched the D9 series of ten-meter models. The length of containers is 7.65 meters, and it can meet the requirements of 300 kilometers in city logistics. 500 kilometers between the city and the city's logistics needs; Secondly, in the city's logistics field, we withdrew from the N series of six-meter models. This type of urban internal logistics vehicles are mainly short-haul intra-city transportation to meet the needs of the city. The last kilometer problem."

In addition, He Weiping also revealed that Dongfeng Light Trucks will provide more diversified business solutions for users while providing more professional transportation vehicles, and provide relevant procurement support.

It is understood that in recent years, affected by the restrictions imposed by various cities on the movement of freight vehicles, more and more users or companies have chosen to use passenger and cargo dual-use light passenger vehicles for urban logistics operations, and the market share of light trucks has been further seized. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of the company stated that at this stage, due to a variety of factors, the city's logistics transportation is leaning towards the light truck, but the scale is not large. In response to this situation, all light truck companies have launched corresponding measures to deal with it. I believe it can get good results. In the future, with the gradual standardization of urban logistics, light trucks will also become the mainstream of this market segment. Of course, this period needs a process of adjustment, and Dongfeng light trucks are fully prepared.

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