Reciprocating pump structural features, working principle and flow control

First, the structure of reciprocating pump and working principle

Main components: pump cylinder, piston , piston rod and suction valve, discharge valve.

Working principle: the piston moves from left to right, a negative pressure pump cylinder, the inner liquid storage tank into the pump cylinder through the suction valve. When the piston moves from right to left, the liquid in the cylinder is squeezed, the pressure increases, and it is discharged by the discharge valve.

Pistons reciprocate, each suction and discharge a liquid, called a work cycle ; this pump is called a single action pump.

If the piston from time to time, each inhalation and discharge of liquid twice, known as double-acting pump.

Pistons move from one end to the other end, called a stroke.

Second, the reciprocating pump flow and pressure head

Reciprocating pump flow and head pressure has nothing to do with the size of the pump cylinder, piston stroke and reciprocation frequency.

The theoretical flow of a single-acting pump is

QT = Asn

The actual flow of the reciprocating pump is smaller than the theoretical one and decreases with the increase of the pressure head because of the leakage.

Reciprocating pump head and pump flow and pump geometry has nothing to do, but by the pump mechanical strength, the power of the prime mover and other factors.

Third, the installation of reciprocating pump height and flow control

The reciprocating pump does not need to be filled with liquid when it starts up. Because the reciprocating pump has the self-priming capability, the suction vacuum height also varies with the atmospheric pressure in the area where the pump is installed, the nature of the liquid and the temperature, so the reciprocating pump installation height is also limited .

Reciprocating pump flow rate can be adjusted by the valve on the discharge line, while the bypass pipe should be changed or the number of reciprocating pistons, the piston stroke changes implemented.

Before starting the reciprocating pump, the valve in the discharge line must be opened.

The reciprocating pump's piston is connected to the prime mover by the connecting rod crankshaft. The prime mover motor , steam engine can also be used.

Reciprocating pumps for high-pressure head, small flow, high-viscosity liquid delivery, but not for transporting corrosive liquids. Sometimes directly driven by the steam engine, delivering flammable, explosive liquids.

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