Small and medium-sized wind turbine companies explore new roads

Recently, the reporter learned from the China General Machinery Industry Association's Fan Branch that in order to increase independent innovation, it has developed products that meet market demands and promoted the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the wind turbine industry. The fan branch recently held a seminar on the development of SMEs in the fan industry in Guiyang.

At the meeting, Zou Fanglin, deputy director of the Wind Turbine Division, made a report on “Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the Fan Industry”; Shi Xuesong, the secretary of the Wind Turbine Division, gave a keynote speech on “Status, Existing Problems, and Development Trends of the Fan Industry Companies”.

The delegates combined the report with the center's speech and had a lively discussion on how to promote the development of small and medium wind turbine enterprises. In their speeches, everyone agreed that innovation is the root of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Only by continuous innovation and continuous adoption of new technologies can new products be created to meet market demand, expand market share, and promote the rapid development of enterprises. Those enterprises that do not have their own unique products rely on price alone. The development path of enterprises will go further and narrower and will eventually be eliminated by the market. Chairman of Beijing Huayi Purification Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Li Mingxian, General Manager of Zhejiang Dafeng Blower Electric Co., Ltd. Chen Zhicheng, and Management Representative of Beijing Jingfeng Ventilation Equipment Factory, Lu Weilin, also gave presentations on their own companies' experience in scientific and technological innovation and development.

In a concluding speech, Vice Chairman Zou Fanglin stated that innovation is the driving force for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is characterized by the development of the company's brand, quality is the basis for the development of the enterprise, and management is the guarantee for the development of the enterprise. His views were unanimously approved by the delegates.

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