AI technology enters the security industry and gives it new direction

As we all know, security refers to preparation and protection in order to cope with attacks or avoid victimization, so that the objects to be protected are in a safe state without danger, infringement or accident. For example, the public security can use the city traffic data to find out the monitoring and management of criminal suspects and people in public areas, as well as the defense of home users. This original time-consuming and labor-intensive work has benefited from the embedding of AI technology, and the boring industry has taken a new direction of development.

In recent years, following the widespread use of technologies such as 3D, VR, and AR, artificial intelligence has become a new outlet. For a time, capital is rushing toward AI products, and all industries hope to work hand in hand with AI, and the security field is no exception. In fact, with the continuous development of the economy and the constant maturity of AI technology, coupled with the importance of national policies, the scale of the domestic security industry is also growing. According to Jiadu Technology's “artificial intelligence technology white hide”, the scale of the security market in 2017 will increase from 617.4 billion previously forecasted to over 635 billion, an increase of 17.6% year-on-year, and the number of security manufacturers exceeds 7,000.

Intelligent Times, AI Security Attacks

As AI technology matures, intelligence has become a new direction for the security industry. National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Central Network Information Office drafted the “Internet Artificial Intelligence Three-year Action Implementation Plan” to propose that security companies and Internet companies be encouraged to cooperate and develop integrated image and video recognition Intelligent security products such as biometrics, biometrics, and code recognition have promoted the intelligence, intensification, and networking of security products.

Today, intelligent surveillance systems have covered many fields of application. It can be seen that AI security will replace traditional security technologies in the near future. In the face of huge market prospects, security companies have held high the banner of AI in order to seize this rare opportunity for market change.

It is reported that there are already two major giants, Haikang and Dahua, in the field of security. In 2017, Haikang and Dahua accounted for 43% of the market, with revenue of over 10 billion yuan and a net profit of over 1 billion. While other entrepreneurs are still exploring the way of AI's security operations, these two giants have taken the lead in implementing the strategic deployment of “AI + security”.

In 2015, Haikang launched the "Falcon" and "Blade" structured server based on AI deep learning technology. In 2016, we released a number of AI series products, including "Shenzhen" cameras, "Ultra-brain" NVRs, and "Facebook" face analysis servers. In addition, Haikang has formed a partnership with Nvidia, the largest manufacturer of artificial intelligence chip GPUs, and Movidius, the dark horse of the computer vision chip industry, and continues to dig deep into the AI ​​security industry.

Coincidentally, another security giant Dahua began its exploration of AI security in 2015. In 2016, four large institutes for chip, big data, artificial intelligence and advanced applications were established. Front-end and back-end products such as face recognition, video structuring, abnormal behavior analysis, and high-density crowd analysis based on deep learning technology were developed. The corresponding solution. In 2017, Dahua released a number of "Smart" video structured servers.

Founded in 2014, Biz Security, a newcomer to AI security, completed a US$410 million Series B round of financing in July 2017. Its core technologies include face technology, intelligent monitoring, image recognition, and text recognition. As an AI startup company, the deep professional talent pool is the fundamental reason for Shangtang to stand out in the field of machine vision technology. At present, Shang Tang has 18 professors and more than 120 doctoral students from world-famous universities. These academic networks composed of colleges, teachers, and students have been continuously contributing talents in related fields for Shangtang.

Today, the products released by Shangtang Technology mainly include SenseID authentication solution, SenseFace face placement control system, SensePhoto mobile phone full image processing solution, SenseGo smart business solution, and SenseAR augmented reality effects engine. The deep intelligence of the video layout of Tang Tech's layout has deepened the intention of cultivating AI security. The AI ​​war in the security field has started...

AI security is not a good bone

In fact, AI security is not a good bone. At the same time as AI security novices are fully advancing, the well-established security companies represented by Haikang and Dahua are also increasing their investment in AI technology. While all major companies have spared no effort to find security and AI integration points, as more and more AI-related security products, technologies and programs have gradually increased, there are more and more problems.

First of all, the cost of security intelligence is high, and Dahua, Haikang and other old security companies are actively deploying AI security, which puts pressure on the market. The security industry has always been regarded as the industry with the best AI technology. If you want AI technology to fully cover the security industry, AI companies urgently need to develop core components such as image sensors, lens modules, etc., and connect upstream and downstream vendors to participate in promotion. The research and development of these components and the promotion of products will inevitably bring higher costs.

For Shang Tang Technology, Shang Tang Technology has a technical team and lacks deep industry accumulation and industry resources. In the process of research and development of AI security products by Shang Tang Technology's technical team, the development of products or solutions requires not only a long running-in time but also a large amount of financial support. Moreover, it is well-known that AI engineers' wages are generally very high, with a basic monthly salary of more than 20,000. The financing obtained by start-up companies is not enough to support the high cost burden of long-term research and development.

Secondly, for security novices, the key to the success of AI security is the effectiveness of landing and whether it can continue to innovate and develop. Many consumers still have doubts about the function of AI products. The reason is that most of the AI ​​products on the market are used as a gimmick tool, either over-promotion or technical instability, and it does not bring convenience to consumers. Therefore, before the technology and the product were successfully combined, the AI ​​products made did not solve the industry's problems and it was not accepted by consumers. Therefore, there are many problems in the application of artificial intelligence in the security field that need to be improved and solved.

In the application of AI technology, Shang Tang Technology has built its own algorithm platform, but the AI ​​algorithm itself can not solve any practical problems. The AI ​​algorithm has to use a large number of application scene materials as support, and many start-up companies can not have this ability, so The key to the development of Shangtang Technology lies in breaking through the technical difficulties and the collection of application scene materials, so as to create a good AI application program and achieve innovation and development.

In addition, most current AI security products face real problems that users do not accept and the technology is not mature. Although the pursuit of intelligent security is almost a common goal, it does not mean that the market can easily accept the application of AI security. Although AI can indeed bring more opportunities for the development of the security industry, the choice of AI products in the market has always been very rational. Therefore, for AI security companies, how to implement AI technology to security products that users can use and feel is easy to use is what security companies need to accomplish at this stage.

In general, the advantage of Shangtang Technology lies mainly in the accumulation of talent and technology in the field of computer vision.

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