Comprehensive Analysis of Development Trend and Direction of Parking System

The traditional car park management system only solves the problem of entrance and exit control. It does not have the functions of parking guidance, car search, and quick entry and exit within the parking lot. It also has a single payment method, low manual management efficiency, and the existence of a fee collection. Problems such as fee-based loopholes, not to mention the overall system integration and resource optimization of parking lots.
The integrated parking system solution has excellent advantages in integrating the resources of the parking system, realizing a series of complete and fully automated functions, such as rapid entry into the vehicle and rapid parking, quick vehicle search when the owner returns to the parking lot, and quick payment. Effectively solve the social problems such as slow parking, slow payment, difficulty in parking, difficulty in finding a car, etc. due to large traffic volume in parking lots including public places such as shopping malls and airports, and fully digitize and digitize parking resources. This is a function. Single, poor system coordination of the traditional parking management system is far beyond.
Five Development Directions of Parking System
1. Make the car park have commercial value and realize the function of integrating commercial real estate consumption information. The commercial value of the parking lot is not completely developed. It can be said that it is ridiculous. In fact, as the first stop for people to reach the consumer sites, parking lots are at a critical stage of consumer decision making. It is very important for businesses to make good use of this short-term decision-making opportunity. Parking systems based on big data technology can Business consumer information is integrated, data analysis is performed on the customer's consumer behavior and consumption habits, and the two are matched. Then, the potential consumption information is spread through terminal devices such as a mobile phone, an information display screen, a navigation system, and a wearable device. To his eyes.
2, parking to find cars are more convenient. Now many parking lots, specifications look very high-end, five-star, facilities are complete, very luxurious, but the car was driving in but found that half a day can not find a parking space, when looking for a car but also spent half an hour looking for parking spaces. This is not in line with the specifications of these buildings. Take this opportunity to call relevant departments to incorporate the acceptance of smart parking system into the acceptance of the entire building. In the future, we can cooperate with the GPS navigation system, and with the navigation system of mobile navigation systems and wearable devices, and directly link the parking lot management system with the navigation system to make parking and finding cars even more convenient. Convenient.
3, no card, no ticket, unattended and convenient payment. The current parking lot only solves the problem of entrance and exit control. Parking guidance, car search, and quick entry and exit functions within the parking lot need to continue to be upgraded. It still requires cumbersome procedures such as swiping and brushing tickets, and it also exists in the charging section. Problems such as a single payment method, low manual management efficiency, and fee-based loopholes, not to mention the overall system integration and optimization of resource allocation in the parking lot. In the near future, our smart car park management system will only need to use the system to automatically scan equipment, vehicle owners, and owners’ payment tools and other information. This will enable vehicles to enter the market quickly and quickly. When the car owners return to the parking lot, they quickly find A series of complete, fully-automated functions, such as vehicles and fast payment, also reduces labor costs for operators.
4. A more personalized system that can sense the needs of our car owners. The current parking system is mostly cold, and we hardly feel his presence. In the future, based on big data processing technology, our parking system can have VIP recognition capabilities, perceive the user's behavioral preferences and match the corresponding needs.
5, more comfortable and safer. When referring to the current parking lot, we often think that poor lighting conditions, poor air quality, and insecurity are the best places for criminals to commit crimes in many movies. This also reflects the status quo of parking lots to some extent. In the future, with the development of the commercial value of the parking lot, the parking lot will become an important place for our leisure and entertainment. The lighting conditions of the parking lot and air quality must be checked before they can meet the standards.
Five advantages of parking system
1. The current manual cash collection method is not only labor-intensive and inefficient, but also easily causes financial loopholes, cash flow losses, and other shortcomings. The intelligent parking management system improves the technology and adopts IC card charging management. System, because the charges are confirmed, counted and recorded by the computer, avoiding mistakes and cheating, etc., can effectively protect the interests of the parking lot investors.
2. The anti-counterfeiting performance is high, and the IC card has extremely high confidentiality, which fundamentally guarantees the credibility and feasibility of the parking management system.
3, highly secure and stable management, the use of computer charge management system, due to various types of cards in the computer has a detailed record of relevant information; monthly rent cards and stored value cards can be promptly replaced after the loss; time rental card is also missing Can be retrieved at any time and processed in time. And many systems have image contrast features.
4. The passive non-contact IC cards currently used have reliable durability.
5, non-contact IC card technology leader.
These advantages lay the foundation for the rapid development of the parking system in China, and the vehicle management system will develop in a more open and more flexible direction. The development of the smart parking market in China will follow the development of foreign countries, but the pace of development will be faster than in foreign countries.

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