Magnetic properties of ferromagnetic minerals

Strong magnetic minerals have common characteristics, because the magnetic iron ore is the main object of magnetic separation, therefore, we can come to understand the characteristics of strong magnetic magnetic minerals magnetite by magnetic research. So what are the magnetic characteristics of strong magnetic minerals?

(1) The value of the specific magnetization coefficient of magnetite is not constant, it varies with the magnetic field strength of the external magnetic field, and is easily magnetized in the magnetic field.

(2) When the magnetic field is low, the magnetization of the magnetite can reach magnetic saturation. That is to say, the magnetic field strength of the external magnetic field is further increased, and the magnetization or magnetic induction of the magnetite is not increased.

(3) After the magnetite leaves the magnetic field, the mineral cannot recover to the state before entering the magnetic field, while retaining a certain magnetic property. This phenomenon is called remanence. To remove the remanence, you need to apply a reverse magnetic field to it. The magnetic field strength that causes the residual magnetism to completely remove the added reverse magnetic field is called coercive force.

Collector Nozzle

Refractory nozzles including a so-called long nozzle, an upper nozzle, a lower nozzle, and an immersion nozzle made from high-alumina refractory material, graphite powder, silica powder and other minor constitutents wherein a major part of the high-alumina refractory material is thermospherized particles of about 0.3 to 3.0 mm in diameter which have good spalling and corrosion resistance. Revolving and rolling ability of the thermospherized particles gives far-reaching capability of pressing force deep into the nozzle center portion during shape-forming by a compaction press. Hence more uniform products can be obtained, and a less expensive unidirectional compaction process can be used instead of a high cost isostatic process for compaction.

The upper nozzle brick is directly installed in the ladle nozzle seat brick. When the molten steel flows through the upper nozzle under high temperature, the chemical erosion and erosion of molten steel and molten slag and the mechanical damage caused during installation make the upper nozzle require long life, resistance to molten steel and slag erosion. , Scouring. Aluminum and carbon are commonly used in domestic water outlet bricks, and their service life is related to factors such as steel grade, amount of steel passing and casting time. There are many CaO-C nozzle bricks used abroad. The bricks are formed by isostatic pressing, and the apparent porosity of CaO sand is required to be <5%. Compared with the original Al2O3-C quality nozzle, the CaO-C quality nozzle is characterized by no blockage, no cracks, and 30% melting loss rate in use, while the Al2O3-C quality nozzle has no cracks but The blockage is more serious, and the melting loss rate is 3.3%.

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