Basic tasks of mine ventilation system

(1) Supply enough fresh air in the well to meet the needs of personnel for oxygen.

(2) Draining toxic and harmful gases and dusts downhole to ensure safe production.

(3) Adjust the underground climate and create a good working environment.

The mine ventilation system consists of two parts: a ventilator and a ventilation network. After entering the mine, the wind flow enters the mine through the wind inlet, passes through the wind place in the underground, and then enters the return air well. The return well exits the mine. The entire route that the wind passes through is called the mine ventilation system.

Mine ventilation methods have different sources of power from wind flow and can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation.

(1) Natural ventilation: The ventilation method that uses the ventilation power generated by natural air pressure to cause air to flow in the downhole roadway is called natural ventilation. Natural air pressure are generally small and unstable, "coal mine safety regulations," states: Each mine must use mechanical ventilation

(2) Mechanical ventilation: The ventilation method generated by the operation of the fan fan, the ventilation method that causes the air to flow in the downhole roadway is called mechanical ventilation. Naturally wind pressure is always present in mines with mechanical ventilation, and it affects the ventilation work of the mines in various periods. It should be given full attention in the ventilation management work, especially the high biogas mines.

Type of mine ventilation system

The mine ventilation system is determined by the main factors affecting the safe production of the mine. The mine ventilation system is divided into different types according to relevant factors. According to the requirements of mine ventilation system, such as gas, coal seam spontaneous combustion and high temperature, which affect the safety of mine production, in order to facilitate management, design and inspection, the mine ventilation system is divided into general type, cooling type, fireproof type, exhaust gas type and fire prevention. And cooling type, exhaust gas and cooling type, exhaust gas and fire type, discharge gas and fire and cooling type, in order of 1-8 eight.

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