LED Commercial Lighting Alliance sets up a second wave of lighting business opportunities

With the support of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Industrial Research Institute, the Lighting Association and the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA) jointly established the "LED Commercial Lighting Alliance" to invite China Electric, Haodan, Jingdian, Yiguang, Ronda, etc. The traditional lighting industry and LED manufacturers, in the form of industrial settlements, combined with lighting, LED and light environment design and other elements, set up a common channel for LED sharing modules and network marketing required for commercial lighting design, injecting LED innovation into Taiwan's lighting industry. Kinetic energy, grab the second wave of LED commercial lighting new business opportunities.
Lu Zhenghua, deputy director of the Bureau of Industry of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said that in order to promote the transformation of Taiwan's traditional industries, the Executive Yuan has used 12 elements such as ICT, cultural innovation and environmental protection to promote tourism, IOT, hand tools and other 12 traditional industries. The plan is to inject innovative vitality into the traditional industry and enhance the industrial value; the novel and fashionable LED lamps are one of the key promotion plans, and look forward to the combination of the aesthetics of fashion design and the innovation of LED technology innovation, plus the verification system and brand channel expansion. Promote the development of the lighting industry.
Liu Junting, director of the Institute of Electro-Optics of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, said that the total output value of LED lighting in Taiwan in 2013 was NT$219.5 billion. At the same time, LED chip total revenue is the world's first, up to US$1.58 billion. In the future, LED lighting will grow rapidly, and the development of the next generation of health lighting systems will become the focus of the market. In addition to the continuous development of related system integration technologies, the Institute of Electro-Technology of the Industrial Technology Research Institute also hopes to establish an efficient cooperation platform for the Taiwan lighting industry, so that the input of the industry has practical effects. Therefore, through the influential Taiwan Lighting Association and the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA), the "LED Commercial Lighting Alliance" was established to help the domestic lighting industry continue to bring healthy lighting systems to users in the international market.
Lin Qingyuan, president of the LED Commercial Lighting Alliance and chairman of the Lighting Association, pointed out that the LED Commercial Lighting Alliance will be a mission-oriented industry cluster, with traditional lighting companies and LED manufacturers as the main targets, with a three-year period as a phase, sharing resources for profit. Base, through the integration of the strengths of various industry players, the establishment of shared lighting modules, reduce production costs and maintenance costs, expand the application market, and strengthen the lighting design, combined with fashion lighting elements, to guide manufacturers to develop high-value lighting niche applications, In addition, it is necessary to set up a network lighting sales platform to provide new sales channels for member manufacturers and provide many excellent lamps for consumers to purchase.
Wang Binglong, chairman of TOSIA, said that the global demand for lamps and lanterns has grown rapidly in recent years. The global LED lighting penetration rate is expected to reach 20 in 2014. Under the promising prospects of the LED lighting market, the alliance will be combined with traditional lighting manufacturers and LED light source module manufacturers. And to join the lighting design industry to provide professional advice, to create a light environment system integration services, will be able to develop more LED applications, expand the new market for LED lighting applications, let Taiwan's excellent LED lighting products into the international, quality continues to be recognized by the world, push up Taiwan has become a major supplier of niche LED lighting fixtures.

Reheating and recycling waste material from pavements is a new but practical technology in road repair. Our asphalt recycling equipment is a mobile road repair equipment which reheats 100% of waste asphalt and reinstalls the hot mixture into the pavement, repairing the road. Not only does the asphalt recycling equipment save resources and reduces unnecessary waste, it also eliminates pollution from disposing asphalt waste and saves money in transporting waste. We've developed our hot asphalt recycler to be fully in line with China's industry development policy of creating a low-carbon, cyclic, and energy saving economy. Our asphalt recyclers are widely used to repair and construct highways, municipal roads, provincial trunks, bridges, and factory grounds.

Technical Parameters of the Asphalt Recycling Equipment
Product Model HGY5130TYH
Chassis modelCA1131P40K2L5BE5A85 Euro V
Production capacity 3 ~ 5 t/h
Single mixing capacity 600 ~ 750 kg
Heat output of burner 200 kw
Fuel diesel
Burner quantity 1
Single mixing time 10-15 min (Change with the outside temperature, water content, asphalt quality, material particle size)
Asphalt Tank(L)
Mixing Tank (kg)
Overall dimensions L×W×H=8100×2480×3125 (mm)

Structure and Working Principles 
Structure: The hot recycler is composed of a chassis, generator set, electric hoist, diesel tank, expansion tank for heat oil, oil heating system, infrared temperature measurement system, mixing tank, discharging device, electrical control system, lifting device, storage tank for emulsified asphalt, emulsified asphalt spraying system, waste material preheating box and preheating device, waste material crushing device, side beam, accessories and other components. The configuration can satisfy various functional requirements in the patching process.
Working principles: The asphalt recycling equipment delivers RAP, granular or lump material (after being broken) of waste asphalt pavement to the waste material preheating box via a feeding device. Then flue gas preheats the waste while it's carried to the mixing tank where it is heated by conduction oil. Forced stirring and temperature control prevents aging and burning. Once it reaches the appropriate specifications, the heated waste asphalt mixture can be used to directly pave or repair highway pavement.

Performance Characteristics of the Asphalt Recycling Equipment
1. Can recycle 100% of waste asphalt, saving resources and protecting the environment.
2. Easy operation and preparation. Can start and stop at any time.
3. Continuous heating and mixing while in operation.
4. Uses flue gas to preheat the waste, improving heating efficiency and saving time.
5. The asphalt recycling equipment has an electric power output platform which can provide power for smaller equipment. Thus, it can be used for places with temporarily unavailable power supply. 
6. Infrared temperature measurement system in the mixing tank controls the mixing and discharging temperature.
7. Recycle waste asphalt on the spot, saving on transportation costs.
8. Stirring and heating prevents the aging of the original asphalt, contributing to the repairing quality. 
9. Breaking waste down enlarges the contact area between the material and tank, improving heating.
10. The asphalt recycling machinery can operate conveniently, work at any time and any working condition. 
11. Uses Jiangling's Euro IV Chassis, which offers large traction, a strong bearing capacity and comfortable driving.

Capabilities of the Asphalt Recycling Equipment
1. Heating and recycling waste asphalt.
2. Forced stirring of asphalt concrete.
3. Spraying of emulsified asphalt. 
4. Electric output to other equipment.
5. Breaking down waste material
6. Small crane

A roller, electric hand drill, electric pick and other auxiliary equipment are optional to meet the needs of various pavement patching.Asphalt Pavement Recycling Maintenance MachineAsphalt Pavement Recycling Maintenance Machine

Asphalt Pavement Recycling Maintenance Machine

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