Oxford Instruments releases its latest direct reading spectrometer FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert

Oxford Instruments releases its latest direct reading spectrometer FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert Oxford Instruments has introduced FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert, a cost-effective direct reading spectrometer, which is the ideal choice for metal manufacturing and processing companies. With reliable technology and a compact design, this instrument can work in any environment, such as a laboratory or a field, even in the worst furnace conditions.

The FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert continues the precise analysis of Oxford Instruments direct reading spectrometers. The new CCD readout system design not only ensures the accuracy of material identification, but also significantly reduces the detection limits of key elements such as lead, selenium and tellurium. The wavelength range of 130-800nm ​​covers almost all the spectral lines of the element, including all metal elements and nonmetal elements such as nitrogen in the steel. The latest type of digital spark source technology can maximize spark excitation parameters and help reduce the element's detection limit.

Intuitive user interface and user-friendly design features make the analysis easier. The three-sided open spark stage design no longer limits the size of the sample, just place the sample and click "Start" to get the data. The Windows® interface is easy to operate and the software integrated system has self-diagnostic capabilities. Compared with the same direct reading spectral argon purge chamber system, the amount of argon gas consumed by the FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert will be reduced a lot, which minimizes the user's cost of use.

As a leading brand in the direct reading spectrometer industry, the FOUNDRY-MASTER Xpert from Oxford Instruments offers users a new, cost-effective alternative!

Oxford Instruments also hopes to thank the new and old customers for their support for our work at the time of this new product launch. We will continue to commit ourselves to providing our customers with quality products and services.

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