Xinhua comment: "8.7 billion rubbish slag high speed" is just a quality problem?

The national expressway that invested 8.7 billion yuan in Gansu Tianding Expressway was forced to stop its overhaul in more than 80 days. Major pits, cracks, and settlements have emerged, and some road sections have had to be resurfaced. The Information Office of the Gansu Provincial Government held a press conference on the morning of the 27th, claiming that the raw material, the construction process, and the construction environment for the road surface of the Tianding Expressway were unqualified, and the 120 million rework cost would be borne entirely by the construction unit. (September 27, China Broadcasting Network)

The 8.7 billion highways built will only be closed to roads and overhauled for more than 80 days. Tianding Expressway has created a new "bean curd residue record" both in terms of speed and degree. Faced with this "new record", everyone has played a huge question mark: Such low-level quality accidents have actually appeared on the national highway. Is it a technical problem or a management problem? Is it a quality problem or a corruption problem?

It was learned from the report that Gansu Province quickly came up with a solution, and the speed was unstoppable. In-depth investigation did not even speak. Obviously, Gansu Province has identified “high-speed soybean curd residue” as a simple quality accident. The only treatment measure is that “120 million rework costs will be borne entirely by the construction unit”. However, an expressway with an investment of 8.7 billion has been overhauled for more than 80 days. Is it really just a quality problem? Really "rework" is all right? As a result, who will also pay attention to the quality of the project? Moreover, the 8.7 billion high-speed roads, 120 million rework costs can be repaired as new, to meet quality requirements?

Damage to the pavement pits and grooves is the public’s deepest feeling. Many people questioned the construction party’s “spoofing and cutting of materials”. In this regard, Zhang Zhiyong, deputy director of the Tianding Expressway Project Office, argued: “This has nothing to do with cutting corners and no one dares to make an issue in this regard.” This attitude has to make people doubt that before the relevant departments do not conduct in-depth investigations, who is eligible for such a defamation?

Some past drivers constantly posted on the Internet: "The journey from the front to the back of the road, how many pits are on the road, the roads are greedy and the crimes are increased!" A driver who ran transportation said: "The expressway has been opened to traffic for half a year for large-scale maintenance. There must be some For example, it seems that merely referring to “high-speed soybean curd residue” as a quality issue seems difficult.

In a sense, every rubbish project is a report letter. If we ignore this kind of report, we must condone the protection of corruption benefits. The result must be the flooding of the rubbish project. Therefore, the public has the right to require the relevant departments to give a reasonable explanation of "high speed tofu residue."

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