Yangfan Group won two utility model patents

Recently, it was learned that the two scientific and technological achievements of the “Rolling Ship Installation Temporary Opening and Closing Device” and “Rolling Ship Ramp Door Installation Temporary Fixing Device” declared by the Group were approved by the State Intellectual Property Patent Office and authorized as utility models. patent.
The patented invention (design) of the “Rolling Ship Activity ramp installation temporary installation” is Yang Zhenmin, Liu Xiangyang, Yan Jianbin; the patented invention (design) of “Rolling Ship Slope Door Installation Temporary Fixing Device” is Liu Xiangyang, Yang Zhenmin, Qi Jianbin, Yu Guohua, Zhang Jiande, Tang Yanda, Yan Yinda, Li Fei, Jin Yufeng.
Compared with the prior art, the "Rolling ship active ramp installation temporary opening and closing device" only needs to be equipped with a door frame and a lifting mechanism, and the lifting mechanism can be a simple sling such as a hand pull, an electric hoist or a winch. The pulling mechanism does not need to occupy the crane, and the loss is low and the efficiency is high. "Rolling ship ramp door installation temporary fixing device", after the lifting adjustment is in place, the positioning code is provided to the ramp door by installing the support code board and the cable, and the disadvantages of using the crane as a temporary fixing device are eliminated, and the crane is greatly improved. Utilization.

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