Encourage electric vehicle storage to benefit from the NDRC's comments

On July 2, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Opinions on Innovation and Improvement of the Price Mechanism for Promoting Green Development" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions"), which proposed to improve the formation mechanism of peak and valley electricity prices, and use modern information, vehicle networking and other technologies to encourage electric Cars provide energy storage services and earn revenue through peak-to-valley spreads.

The electric vehicle energy storage mode mainly includes four methods: V2G, orderly charging, battery replacement, and decommissioned battery energy storage. A large number of electric vehicles can be used as distributed energy storage, providing considerable flexibility resources for the power system.


Among them, V2G energy storage has the highest potential, as a buffer for power grids and renewable energy. When the grid load is too high, the electric vehicle stores energy to the grid; when the grid load is too low, it is used to store excess power generation. To avoid waste. In this way, electric vehicle users can buy electricity from the grid when the electricity price is low, and sell electricity to the grid when the electricity price is high. At the same time, in the event of unexpected events such as wars and natural disasters, a large number of electric vehicles can also become emergency power stations, which is of great significance. Some experts have calculated that Beijing's maximum load of 20.77 million kilowatts a month, if the electric car output power is 7 kilowatts, 3 million electric cars can achieve power supply throughout the city.

Under the policy encouragement, the innovative electric vehicle charging price mechanism will integrate electric vehicle V2G and decommissioned battery energy storage into distributed power generation resource management, which will help electric vehicle users, social capital, charging service providers and other related parties to participate in electric vehicle energy storage. Enthusiasm.


In addition, the "Opinions" also proposed to improve the electricity support policy of some industries. Before the end of 2025, the electricity demand for electricity consumption such as centralized charging and replacing facilities for electric vehicles with two-unit electricity price will be exempted. From the perspective of overall planning, by 2020, the price mechanism and price policy system that is conducive to green development will be basically formed, and the role of promoting resource conservation and internalization of ecological environment costs will be significantly enhanced; by 2025, the price mechanism to meet the requirements of green development will be more perfect. And implement it in all aspects of the whole society.

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