Zhejiang Zhenhai actively coordinated the process of collecting grain and drying valley to deploy anti-Taiwan work

On July 19th and July 20th, Director Zhou Guowei of the Agriculture Bureau of Zhenhai District and Deputy Director of Agricultural Mechanization Xie Wenhua led the staff of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Management Section to go to the Jiulong Lake and the Pupu Valley Center and the large grain growers to learn about the early rice harvesting and drying. In the case of the valley, deploy anti-Taiwan work.
On July 19th, Deputy Director Xie Wenhua visited the Bake Valley Center and urged the person in charge of the Bake Valley Center to arrange the personnel reasonably to ensure that the man stops the machine and stimulates the potential of the valley to cope with the upcoming typhoon. At the center of the drying valley, after hearing the short-term problem of the grain collection in the center of the farmer's reaction area, the staff of the Management Division was immediately asked to coordinate with the Bureau of Commerce, and the Bureau of Commerce was requested to extend the time for collecting grain so that farmers could vacate the grain machine as soon as possible. Speeding up the process of drying the valley, the problem has been effectively solved. After learning about the early rice harvesting from the large grain growers, Deputy Director Xie Wenhua reminded the farmers to arrange harvesting according to the ability of the drying valley, and actively coordinate the drying machine to increase the intensity of the valley, and try to harvest the early rice before the typhoon. The agricultural machinery management station will also cooperate with farmers to coordinate the drying valley machinery to help farmers minimize losses.
On July 20th, Director Zhou Guowei of the Agricultural Bureau of the District accompanied the staff of the Agricultural Machinery Promotion and Management Section to check the Longhu and Pupu Valley Centers, and asked the person in charge of the Baking Valley Center about the batch drying capacity and the recent dry valley operation. The drying valley center should fully cooperate and scientifically dispatch, further stimulate the potential of the drying valley, and at the same time pay attention to the safety of the drying valley operation, especially the fire safety of the oil. In the grain-growing households Ding Jiming and Zhou Ruicha Tianbian, Director Zhou Guowei asked about the area of ​​early rice planting, harvesting area and per mu. This time, farmers should pay attention to the typhoon trend. When harvesting early rice, they should arrange the harvesting plan reasonably and try to avoid cutting. The reduction in production affects the harvest.

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