Application of I-DEAS software in machine tool design

Application of I-DEAS software in machine tool design Xie Yong (Qiqihar Second Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. Design Institute 161005) Our previous machine tool design is mainly based on experience and calculation of material mechanics and theoretical mechanics, so more complex parts The calculation of strength and stiffness is large, and some can not even be calculated and the calculation results are quite different from the actual ones. After the application of I-DEAS software, the design work has developed by a leap. Below are just a few typical examples to introduce the application of I-DEAS software, and illustrate our application in machine tool design.
I. Calculation of part strength and stiffness by means of I-DEAS software (1) The boring and milling machine column produced by our company is cast iron, with large tonnage and complicated casting process. Whether the strength and stiffness can be satisfied under full load. The requirements of the machine tool are difficult to determine. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the thickness of the workpiece and the like to ensure the strength and rigidity of the machine tool. Using the I-DEAS software to establish a mechanical model for calculation, it is possible to determine the deformation and stress of each part of the column, and the position of the dangerous section is also easy to determine. The design can be modified according to the requirements to meet the design requirements. The finite element calculation and analysis can greatly reduce the wall thickness of the parts, make the machine structure tend to be reasonable, and reduce the machine price of the machine tool to improve the market competitiveness. For example: using the I-DEAS software finite element analysis to analyze the FA-B200 boring and milling center column, the structure is the same, the force state is the same, the wall thickness of the cast iron column is 30mm and the wall thickness of the steel column is 20mm, but due to The elastic modulus of steel is 2068X10nN/m2, while the elastic modulus of cast iron is 1.08 parent 10/claw 2. From the following table, it can be seen that the deformation of cast iron is greater than that of steel, and the stiffness of cast iron is less than the stiffness of steel. (See Table 1, 2) Table 1 Cast iron parts right rail center position deformation (m) node coordinates X direction deformation Y direction deformation Z direction deformation note; coordinate values ​​from the bottom of the column * male, 44 years old, senior engineer from above The analysis shows that the FA-B200 type boring and milling machining center, the steel parts of the column and the deformation of the cast iron parts can be used to visually see the difference, so that the design is more reasonable.
(2) Using the I-DEAS software finite element analysis to analyze the main slider of Changchun FAW 10000kN mechanical press transformation project, and determine the reasonable structure to meet the user requirements. Changchun FAW Russia 10000kN mechanical press increased air cushion renovation project We have won the user with good reputation and advanced technology. Yantai Automobile Factory 20000kN mechanical press arm beam design, the thickness of the main vertical plate is changed from 40mm to 32mm under the condition of meeting the performance requirements. The weight of the single piece is reduced by 1400kg20 pieces and the weight is reduced by 28000kg. The material cost is only 110,000 yuan. And provide the user with data and deformation maps. Make the user very satisfied.
Table 2 Deformation of the center position of the right side rail of the steel piece (m) Node coordinate X direction deformation Y direction deformation Z direction deformation note; Coordinate value counts from the bottom of the column 2. Mechanism design using I-DEAS software Mechanical press is mainly used in automobiles In the motorcycle and other industries, users have different requirements according to different purposes. After the structure is determined in the design, the slider stroke curve can be directly given by the I-DEAS software to provide the user with a view of whether it meets the process requirements. Previously, the curve must be programmed to complete, which is cumbersome.
During the assembly and debugging, it was found that the accuracy of the slider (six-bar mechanism) could not meet the requirements, mainly because the parallelism error of the slider at different positions on the work surface was large, exceeding the accuracy requirements of the machine tool. After disassembling, it was found that the wear level of each guide column was different. The simulation analysis using I-DEAS software discharged the design problem and found out the reason, so that the machine tool passed the user acceptance smoothly.
III. Conclusion This paper introduces the application examples of I-DEAS software in machine tool design, which shows that computer software application can improve design level, shorten design cycle, reduce machine tool manufacturing cost and improve product market competitiveness.
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PES (Polyethersulfone)   Membrane

Features and Benefits
1.High flow rate, low solubility, good intensity, is designed for biochemical and inspection, pharmaceutical and aseptic filtration device.
2.High flow filtration volume
3.No other wetting agent (hydrophilic membrane)
4.High strength
5.Low protein adsorption and high drug compatibility
6.Less membrane consumed under the same medium filtration 


1.Clear filtration and aseptic and particle filtration.
2.All kinds of solvent and Liquid Filtration.
3.Photoresist filtration in the electronics industry
4.Ultimate filtration of chemical
Sterilization:   Non-Sterilization packaging; High temperature and high pressure sterilization 121 ° C for 30 minutes,


Pore Size (um):
Shape Size(mm):   Disc Membrane : Φ13.Φ25.Φ35.Φ47.Φ50.Φ60.Φ77.Φ90.Φ100.Φ150.Φ200.Φ300:
Square Membrane: Can be customized. Max Size: 400 * 300 
Roll Membrane: The width : 254.320.420mm;  the length can be customized. 

Pes Filter Membrane

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