Hall Motor introduces a self-developed new marine brake motor

Recently, Hall Motor has introduced a new self-developed product, the marine brake motor, to the market, and through the reduction of delivery time and flexibility, customers can get more convenient service.
According to our experience, the brake motor market is project-based and there are no standard products. Therefore, for equipment suppliers, faster and more efficient delivery. It is vital that it allows the company to be more competitive in terms of delivery. It also makes the planning and execution of the project easier." So we can supply a new brake motor in a few weeks. The finished product, as well as its related documentation and reports."
It is reported that the Hall brake motor is a combination of Hall standard IE2 high efficiency marine motor and electromagnetic brake produced by German high-end brake manufacturer Stromag. The brakes are specially developed for the marine environment and can also be customized to specific requirements.
Xiao Weixiang said, “A standard solution has different options, which means that we can stock standard products and modify them for different customers. The current market is increasingly requiring such flexibility.”
Similarly, a flexible solution means that the customer can choose the configuration of the brake motor, including whether it has an encoder, a forced cooling fan and other options.
Combining the proven, high-performance components of the marine industry with expertise and market insights, Hall Motors believes they will make a difference in this increasingly competitive market.
Based on long-term experience, Hall Company is deeply aware of the importance of technical guidance and service for the marine and offshore markets.
Xiao Weixiang said that our customers are very professional in their field, so they often have some special technical requirements for component suppliers, so as a component supplier, we should be able to provide different solutions. For the delivery of special solutions, we have our own competitive advantages including understanding of technical requirements, 3D drawing design, and providing comprehensive technical documentation.

Aws E316-16 Welding Electrodes


E316-16 Welding Electrodes deposited metal is a stable austenite structure containing 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo. Due to the Mo element content in it, it shows excellent properties in resisting corrosion of acetic acid, sulphuric acid, phophate acid as well as salt, and has good high temperature crack-resistance.


Both AC and DC can be applied and it can be used for all position welding with excellent welding performances and good mechanical properties.



AWS E316-16 Welding Electrodes is suitable for welding the parts of chemical industry and power engineering, such as A1S1 316 Steel, SUS 316 steel etc.


1. Before welding, the welding electrodes should be baked at the temperature from 300 to 350 ℃ for one hour.

2.  The stainless steel brush must be used to clean the weld seam, in order to avoid iron fillings penetrating  there to affect its quality

AWS E316-16 Welding Electrodes

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