Chlorophyll detector use precautions

The chlorophyll detector provides data information for the application of plant nitrogen fertilizer by detecting the chlorophyll content of the leaves, ensuring that precise fertilization is not wasted, and the healthy growth of the crop.
The chlorophyll detector mainly determines the relative amount of chlorophyll in the leaf by measuring the transmissivity coefficient of the leaf in two wavelength ranges, that is, in the two wavelength regions where chlorophyll selectively absorbs light of a specific wavelength, and is calculated according to the amount of transmitted light of the leaf. Measurements. It can be easily measured in the wild. However, when measuring, be sure to pay attention to the use of things to ensure the accuracy of the test results.
1. The measurement area is only 2mm/SPAN>3mm and can be used to measure relatively small leaves. The sample thickness can reach 1.2mm. The center line indicates the center of the measurement area.
2. Use your fingers to hold the specimen holder until a single “drop” measurement appears on the display. The measured value is automatically stored in memory.
3. When using the instrument directly under sunlight, use the body to cover the instrument so that it will not affect the measurement results.
4. Do not attempt to measure absolutely thick parts such as veins. If the measured leaf has many veins, the best way is to take several measurements and average.
5. If a series of “drips” and “---” are flashing on the display, the measurement procedure was performed incorrectly (the sample holder is not completely sealed, the sample holder is opened before the measurement is completed, or the sample is too Thick or too small).
6. If the measured value appears with a decimal point flash, no decimal point, or a measurement value greater than 50.0, the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please measure again.
7. If the sample holder's emission or receiving window becomes dirty or there is some water, there will be no accurate measurement results. Please check whether the sample folder window is clean before measuring.
The above are some matters that should be noted during the use of the chlorophyll detector. Because the instrument is portable and accurate, it is widely promoted at home and abroad.

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