Detailed knowledge of oil details

Oil is one of the waste products closely related to daily use. The use of oil is directly related to the life of the car. This series provides you with detailed knowledge of oil.

Oil function

(1) Lubrication

As long as the engine is in the operating state, the internal parts will produce friction, the faster the speed, the more intense the friction, such as the piston part, the temperature can reach more than 200 degrees Celsius or more, at this time if there is no oil, The temperature will be high enough to burn the entire engine. The first function of oil is to cover the internal metal surface of the engine with oil film to reduce the frictional resistance between metals.

( 2) Heat dissipation

The heat of the automotive engine itself, in addition to the cooling system. Oil is also an important role, because the engine oil will flow through all parts of the engine, can take away heat generated by friction parts, and the piston part farther away from the cooling system, can also get some cooling effect through the oil.

(3) Cleansing effect

The residue of carbon and combustion produced by the engine's long-term operation will adhere to all parts of the engine. If it is not properly handled, it will affect the engine's function, especially if these things accumulate in the piston ring and in the intake and exhaust valves. It will produce carbon deposits or sticky substances that will cause knocking, unsmooth movements, and increased fuel consumption. These phenomena are the enemy of the engine. The oil itself has a clean dispersion and does not allow these carbon and debris to accumulate inside the engine. Let them form small particles that are suspended in the oil.

(4) Sealing function

Although there is a piston ring between the piston and the cylinder wall to provide the sealing effect, the metal surface is not very smooth, so the sealing degree will not be very good. If the sealing effect is not good, the engine power must be reduced, so the oil can be in the metal. Produce a thin film between them to provide a good engine seal and improve engine operating efficiency.

(5) Anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-freeze effects

After a certain period of time, the car will naturally generate corrosive oxides. The strong acids in these corrosive substances can easily cause erosion in the internal parts of the engine. The moisture generated by the combustion is large. Some will be carried out with exhaust emissions, but there will still be a little residual moisture, which will also damage the engine. Therefore, additives in engine oil have functions of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-freezing to protect the engine from damage.

our dished heads are used in a variety of applications and industries such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, road tank, food processing operations, chemical plants ,Nuclear operation, Oil Refining, Architectural feature, power generation.

Due to our forming experience and equipment, we can spin or press the first part of the process of forming your products, It depend on the thickness and material performance,

Our main products are 2:1 SE dished heads, Torispherical heads, Cones,Hemispherical Heads etc

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For carbon steel dished heads, we can forming this dished heads from 76-9000mm in diameter and below 250mm in thickness  

The general forming process as the below sketches forming process

Technical Delivery Condition
1,Our material (hot Rolled Unalloyed structural steel, high and low temperature steel, High Alloy steel)
We have no carbon steel plates in our stock and most of plates are from Chinese steel market or mill. Meanwhile As Japanese owed company, We can also source the plates from Japanese ex-mill if end user can`t accept ex-chinese mill.
Basically the delivery time shall be below 20days for dished heads if plates are from steel market. and Max plates width from them is below 2200mm. it means that the seamless dished heads diameter shall be below about 1800mm.
The max width CS plates that Chinese mill can do is below 4700mm,and dished heads can be seamless below 3800mm in

2,Enquiry/order required information

We can give our clients once they gave us the below information

But if clients tolerance is higher than below Hokkai standards, it shall be provided to Hokkai prior to offer or ordering.

Enquiry/order required information

Stainless Steel Hemispherical Heads

Stainless Steel Hemispherical Heads,SS Hemispherical Dishend Head,Hemispherical Head,Stainless Steel Hemispherical Elliptical Head


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