Light thermostat culture shaker parameters

Light thermostatic shaker product use

First, product use:

The light constant temperature shaker can be widely used in the cultivation of plants, seed germination, seedling raising, histological cells, and the cultivation of microorganisms; constant temperature and constant temperature test for feeding of insects and small animals and other uses.

Second, the instrument features:

1. It adopts a microcomputer intelligent control system with powerful functions and strong anti-interference ability. It can realize the free combination of temperature and illuminance parameters of day and night 1-24 time periods, up to ten segments programming.

2. The mute design of the whole machine, electrostatic spray box, with tempered glass observation window, at any time to observe the light conditions in the box.

3 , built-in top light, special biological light source, good spectral characteristics, high intensity, low heat, especially suitable for experimental requirements.

4 , over-temperature sound and light alarm automatic protection function, to avoid damage due to overheating or cold test samples.

5 , light temperature shake shell for the production of high-quality steel plate, cavity mirror stainless steel components, never rust.

6 , tilt humanized control panel, large-screen backlight LCD display, more good visual effects.

7 , with operating parameter memory function, to avoid tedious operations and password lock, to eliminate human error.

8 , light temperature shake with call recovery function, not affected by power interruption, the device can automatically resume operation according to the original set program.

9 , with a strong and fast cooling system , so that cooling requirements can be achieved instantly and with automatic frost function

10. The most advanced high-torque motor guarantees continuous work without maintenance and maintenance-free.

11 , no need to enter the cooling factor, automatic temperature control, to avoid the tedious thermostat settings.

12 , heating rate can be accelerated or slowed according to the specific requirements of the experiment.

Illumination shaker (oscillator) parameters:






Swing frequency range (rpm)

40 to 300

Swing frequency accuracy (rpm)





Rocker swing amplitude (mm)





Maximum capacity

100ml×66 250ml×45 500ml×28 1000ml×18

250ml×45 500ml×28 100ml×18 2000ml×11 5000ml×6

Standard configuration



Pallet size (mm)


Timing range (h)


Temperature control range (°C)

Ambient temperature +5~60

4~60 (ambient temperature 25°C)

Ambient temperature +5~60

4~60 (ambient temperature 25°C)

Temperature control accuracy (°C)


Temperature uniformity (°C)

±0.5°C (at a constant temperature of 37°C)

Display method

LCD (LCD screen display)

Number of trays

1 block









power supply

220W, 50~60Hz

Ambient temperature requirements



0-12000LX six adjustable

The above are the technical characteristics of the light-based constant-temperature shaker that Yuzhuo Xiaobian has arranged for you.

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