Longitude and latitude intelligent street light control switch

Longitude and Latitude Intelligent Street Light Control Switch Model: JWK-1
Longitude, latitude and longitude intelligent road light control switch 1. Function and purpose:
Longitude, latitude and longitude intelligent road light control switch This product adopts advanced microcomputer automatic control technology. The user can correct the clock of the controller and input the longitude and latitude of the local area. The controller can automatically calculate different seasons according to the laws of the rotation and revolution of the earth. Sunrise and sunset time, to achieve automatic switch control of street lights and related equipment. Users can also fine-tune the time according to the actual situation in the region. The product is advanced in technology, reliable in operation, easy to install, and easy to adjust. It can be widely used in outdoor lighting intelligent control of street lights, garden lights, advertising light boxes, neon lights, and navigation lights. It can significantly save energy, reduce maintenance costs, has obvious economic and social benefits, and is ideal for modern outdoor lighting control.
Longitude and latitude intelligent road light control switch This controller has two outputs, the first road is night lights, that is, dark lights, day off lights; the second road users can set the night off time and morning turn on time, also Can be set to all night lights. Users can make part of the street lights turn on at night, and the other part of the street lights turn off, which not only satisfies the need for lighting, but also maximizes energy savings.
Longitude and latitude intelligent road light control switch This product can add light control or rain control function according to the user's needs; if it is used in the environment below -20 degrees, can increase the internal insulation accessories, insulation accessories below 5 degrees warming, above 10 degrees to stop Warming. Please specify at the time of purchase.
Longitude and latitude intelligent road light control switch Second, the main technical indicators:
1, the use of range: 70 ~ 136 ° east longitude, latitude 5 ~ 60 °, can be used throughout the country.
2, clock error: ± 0.5 seconds / day.
3, all the way output: all night lights, user switch light adjustment range of ± 99 points.
Two-way output: midnight/night lights, the user to adjust the range of lights ± 99 points, off the light time user-defined.
4, the output power: 220VAC/3A/10A.
5, working voltage: 220VAC/50/60Hz.
6, power outage data protection time: four months.
7, the ambient temperature: -20 ~ +60 °C (less than -20 degrees can increase the internal insulation accessories)
8, the environmental humidity: <95%
9. Overall dimensions: 125×82×68mm
10, weight: 365g

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