The international market situation has changed tremendously. The LED output value growth in 2015 has entered

In 2014, faced with the risk of economic downturn, the domestic lighting industry has undergone profound changes under the environment of steady growth and structural adjustment. In the process of replacing penetration, domestic exports have continued to grow and the industrial structure has been continuously upgraded. Lighting industry: entering a stable growth period In 2014, the number of lighting enterprises above the national scale reached 2,499, and the sales of lighting products was RMB520 billion, a year-on-year increase of 10.6. The export value was US$41.55 billion, a year-on-year increase of 15.4. The sales of LED lighting products was RMB 95 billion, a year-on-year increase of 43.9. With the increase of demand, the output value of lighting has increased rapidly. LED lighting has gradually moved from the engineering market to the home market, and the traditional lighting space has been further oppressed, and the LED market space has been further expanded. In terms of products, the main income of the industry is concentrated downstream. Among them, lighting manufacturing accounts for 64.23, electric light source manufacturing accounts for 27.56, and lighting electrical accessories and other lighting appliances account for 8.21. Traditional electric light source products have generally declined. On the export side, the export volume of incandescent lamps has decreased by about 10, the CFL has decreased by 7.4, and other fluorescent lamps have decreased by 8,6. The mercury lamps and metal halide lamps in HID lamps have been reduced to varying degrees. Only halogen lamps are maintained. 6 growth. LED lighting products have seen a significant increase, especially in the bulbs, lamps, MR16 of indoor lighting products, as well as ceiling lamps, downlights, panel lights, etc. in the lamps have increased significantly. International market: The situation is changing tremendously The changes in the overall international export situation in 2014 are also worthy of attention. The traditional export regions are gradually turning to emerging markets. The growth rate of exports to Europe and the United States continued to decline, with the US market slipping from 13.77 in 2013 to 7.98 in 2014. The German market fell from 16.31 in 2013 to 8.08 in 2014, which also reflects the economic growth rate of the region. slow. Negative growth occurred in Hong Kong, Japan and other regions. The cumulative export volume to the Hong Kong market was US$ 1.432 billion, a year-on-year increase of -1.39, reflecting the increased risk in the Hong Kong market. Exports to emerging markets such as Russia and Southeast Asia have experienced rapid growth, reflecting the strong market growth potential of the region. Chen Yansheng, vice chairman of China Lighting Association, believes that export companies should also adjust the layout of foreign markets in a targeted manner to grasp the opportunities and risks of emerging markets, especially the exchange rate and regional situation of the market. . Market Estimation: The growth of output value has entered a new normal state. With the economic growth in 2015, the growth of the lighting industry will become more rational. On the other hand, the steady growth of social consumption level will also play an important role in driving the consumption of lighting products. According to the data of China National Light Industry Association, in 2015, the revenue of the main business of enterprises above designated size in the national lighting industry will exceed 400 billion yuan, stable at around 450 billion. The profits of enterprises above designated size in the national lighting industry will exceed 30 billion yuan. Export growth has not only changed to a new normal, but also changed from high growth in the past to moderate growth in line with GDP, and the monthly and quarterly growth is extremely unstable. Roller coaster fluctuations have occurred for several years, plus the comparison of traditional manufacturing in China. The advantages are weakening, and the new international comparative advantage has not yet been formed. Therefore, it is estimated that the national lighting industry exports will exceed 46 billion in 2015. In addition to exports, this year the government will increase investment in infrastructure construction, and also provide business opportunities for lighting companies. Enterprises should also pay attention to the domestic market. Chen Yansheng believes that regardless of domestic sales, enterprises should focus on improving internal strength and product quality. This is the most important issue facing enterprises in the future.

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